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Welcome to the Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) Exhibition Website
Home of the S4C International Exhibition of Photography - now in its 52nd year!

Recognized by the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and Licensed by the Global Photographic Union (GPU)


General Chair

Joanne Stolte, FPSA, MPSA, EFIAP, HonS4C, DFS4C



1775 East Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 110-203





(see Conditions of Entry)


Projected Image Disivison (PID) Color Class

Section 1: General (Open)

Section 2: Theme (Human or Animal Portrait)


Projected Image Disivison (PID) Monochrome Class

Section 1: General (Open)

Section 2: Theme (Olden Times)



Section 1: General (Open)

Section 2: Wildlife



Section 1: General (Open)

Section 2: Human Interest


Closing Date: August 10, 2017

Judging: August 24, 2017

Notifications Sent By: September 7, 2017

Awards Mailed By: November 9, 2017

Catalog/Online Exhibition Posted By: November 9, 2017


8 PSA Gold Medals for Best of Show

1 GPU Gold Medal(awarded to entrant with highest combined score across all 4 PID Sections)

2 GPU Ribbons (Chair's Awards)

80 S4C Medals

In each Section:

- 1 PSA Best of Show Gold Medal

- 1 S4C Gold Medal*

- 2 S4C Silver Medals

- 3 S4C Bronze Medals

- 3 Judge's Choice Medals

Honorable Mention awards will be in the form of electronic certificates in PDF format available for downloading over the net.


Nature General S4C Gold Medal is for Best Parent-Offspring Interaction


The only catalog will be electronic in PDF format.

It will be downloadable from this website's Catalog page.

PSA: PSA 2017-235

GPU: L170083-M1G


PID Color Class

John Davis, Jr., HonPSA, MPSA

South Colby WA


Gary Potts, GMPSA, EFIAP/b

Fishers, IN


Nancy Speaker, AS4C

Upland, CA

PID Monochrome Class

George "Hutch" Hutchison

Thousand Oaks, CA


Diane Racey, FPSA, GMPSA, HonS4C, DFS4C

Glendale, CA


Paul Speaker, M. Photog CR, CPP, F-PPC, S-PPC, AS4C

Upland, CA


Dan Charbonnet, HonPSA, EPSA

Westwood, MA



Rick Cloran, FPSA, MPSA

Swampscott, MA


Ron Garrison

Retired San Diego Zoo Photographer

San Diego, CA



Nan Carder, APSA, MPSA, DFS4C

Lancaster, CA 

Keith Gillett, EPSA

Belleville, IL


John Andrew Hughes, APSA

Las Vegas, NV



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