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Welcome to the Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) Exhibition Website
Home of the S4C International Exhibition of Photography



 Fees are US$9 per SECTION entered (4 or fewer images may be entered into each section).


Please use this payment button to pay with PayPal; or with a Debit/Credit Card via PayPal

(PayPal account not required).
Payment must be in US dollars.


Payment must be received by S4C on or before July 21st, 2018 or the images will not be entered into competition!


We only receive your email address in the notification.
If you are using a different email address for payment or if someone else is paying for you, please send the payer's email address and your name to s4cex-info@pcms-photo.org


NOTE (BLOCKED PAYMENTS): Certain countries block payments via PayPal to non-profit organizations.

In case of difficulty, please contact infoex@cvdcc.org so that other arrangements can be made.



Digital Divisions: Select No. of Sections


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