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Terms Used

  • Policy” refers to the S4C Exhibitions Privacy Policy as presented on this website page.
  • PSA” is the Photographic Society of America.
  • S4C” is the Southern California Council of Camera Clubs, a member council of PSA.
  • S4C Member Club” is any photographic club that is a member of S4C.
  • An “Exhibition” is an international photographic competition - and subsequent exhibition of the photographs accepted as a result of that competition - that is recognized by PSA as the terms “Recognized”and "Exhibition" are used by PSA.
  •  A “Sponsor” of an Exhibition is either S4C or the S4C Member Club that organizes and operates that Exhibition and that subscribes to this Policy as evidenced by clearly posting this Policy on the Sponsor’s Exhibition website.
  • An "Exhibition Sponsor" is the Sponsor of a particular Exhibition.
  • An “Entrant” into an Exhibition is an individual who enters photographic images into that Exhibition.
  • Honorifics” are titles or abbreviations of titles conferred upon entrants by PSA or other photographic organizations according to the policies and procedures of those organizations. Examples are PPSA and APSA conferred by PSA. 


Sponsors gather email addresses and other personal information (collectively termed “Information”) from Entrants into their Exhibitions. Sponsors that subscribe to this Policy may share Information with other Sponsors for the purposes and uses only as defined below. Certain Information may also be shared with PSA and with other photographic organizations for the purposes defined below. This Policy only applies to Exhibition Sponsors as defined above and not to exhibition sponsors in general.

Use of Entrant Names and Email Addresses

Email addresses and Entrant names are gathered from an Entrant by an Exhibition Sponsor and are added to two email lists:

  1. A list used solely for operating the particular Exhibition (“Exhibition List”), including communicating with the Entrant. Names and email addresses of Entrants who have one or more images accepted into the Exhibition may be shared with PSA and with certain other photographic organizations involved with the Exhibition as described below; and, to facilitate distribution to Entrants of operational information, by  one or more commercial email distribution companies ("Distribution Company" or "Distribution Companies" as appropriate) that, on behalf of their clients, distribute client-provided information solely as specified by the client (see below).

  2. The S4C Exhibitions Mailing List ("S4C Exhibitions List") that is used by the Sponsor and shared with other Sponsors for the sole purpose of informing previous Entrants and others about upcoming Exhibitions or about Exhibitions that are underway that are sponsored by S4C or by an S4C Member Club. Subscribers to the S4C Exhibitions List either (a ) have previously entered an Exhibition;  (b) have signed up individually to the list on their own initiative; (c) have signed up for an S4C Uniform Entry Number; or (d) are a present or past member of the Sponsor of the Exhibition. This information may be shared with other Sponsors as defined above for the sole purpose of promoting Exhibitions operated by Sponsorsand may be used, on behalf of the Sponsor, by a Distribution Company to facilitate distribution of such promotional emails.

Sharing with PSA of Entrant Names and Email Addresses

Names and Email Addresses will be forwarded to PSA of those Entrants one or more of whose images have been accepted into the Exhibition (see below about sharing of additional information with PSA and with certain other photographic organizations) as part of PSA's reporting requirements of the results of the Exhibition. Please check PSA's website for information on how PSA limits the use of this information and the Conditions of Entry of this Exhibition.

S4C and other Exhibition Sponsors support PSA's objectives for making use of this information but can take no responsibility for PSA's actions.


*Since PSA may change the wording of its policy in this regard from time to time, Entrants are advised to review the PSA website from time to time to check for the latest wording.

Unsubscribing (Opting Out) from the S4C Exhibitions List

Subscribers to S4C Exhibitions List can unsubscribe (opt out) at any time. However, unless the Entrant withdraws entirely from the Exhibition, this option is not afforded to Entrants on the Exhibition List itself since to do so would jeopardize the operation of the Exhibition. Once the Exhibition is complete, however, the Exhibition List itself is destroyed with only the Entrant’s names and email addresses transferred to the S4C Exhibitions List.

General Exhibition Information

In addition to Entrants’ names and email addresses, Sponsors of Exhibitions may collect Information about Entrants to those Exhibitions such as their: physical mailing address (including their current country of residence); phone numbers; honorifics; titles of images entered; and PIN security number. This information is gathered for the purposes of: communicating with the entrant about their entry into the Exhibition, including, but not limited to, the results of their entry; facilitating entry into the Exhibition; announcing the results of the Exhibition; and forwarding results of Exhibitions to PSA and other photographic organizations as described in this Policy.


The name of the Entrant, their current Honorifics, and their country may also appear in catalogs produced by the Exhibition Sponsor that display results of the Exhibition. These catalogs are considered to be one public representation of the Exhibition.


This Information is continuously maintained by S4C on computer servers accessible only to S4C and other Sponsors. This facilitates Entrants to future Exhibitions sponsored either by S4C or by S4C Member Clubs without the Entrants having to re-enter the same information each time.


Information about Entrants, one or more of whose images has been accepted into the Exhibition, may be shared by the Sponsor of the Exhibition with PSA and other photographic organizations that recognize, license, or otherwise allow those organizations' names to be used by the Sponsor in connection with promoting the Exhibition. Such sharing allows PSA and such other organizations to recognize the Entrant’s cumulative photographic accomplishments by bestowing Honorifics or other forms of recognition upon the Entrant. By virtue of entering an Exhibition, Entrants understand that their Information will be shared with PSA and with such other organizations for such purposes as part of PSA's and other organizations' reporting requirements. The Sponsor takes no responsibility for any further use of the Information by PSA and such organizations, although it is expected that the Information will only be used for the stated purposes. See PSA's Privacy Policy for more details.

Distribution Companies

Sponsors of Exhibitions may make use of one or more Distribution Companies as previously defined for distributing only information provided by the Sponsor either to the Exhibition List or the S4C Exhibitions List, in whole or in part, in accordance with this Policy. As such, to facilitate such distribution, email addresses gathered by the sponsor of the Exhibition may be stored on the Distribution Company's servers.


Currently, Mailchimp is the sole Distribution Company engaged for such purposes. Sponsors understand that information provided to Mailchimp by the Sponsor may only be used by Mailchimp as directed by the Sponsor, in accordance with Mailchimp's Privacy Policy. Exhibition Sponsors that make use of Mailchimp's services can accept no responsibility or liability for any violations of or changes to Mailchimp's Privacy Policy, although every reasonable effort will be made by S4C to ensure that any such changes conform to the intent that Mailchimp only uses information provided by a Sponsor for the purposes specified by the Sponsor and as described in this Policy.

Changes to this Policy

This Policy is effective as of June 15th, 2018. This Policy may be updated from time to time. Any changes will be announced by posting to this website page. Entrants are advised to check this page from time to time to view any posted changes.

Contacts and Complaints

To contact us or to file any complaints about violations of this Policy, please email: s4cex-info@pcms-photo.org


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